Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moving along

Congratulations to all the families who received referrals this week! It really makes me excited to get mine! Many people are now thinking referrals will speed up some more, but I'm still feeling like they are going to stay about the same as they have been, and don't plan to get our referral until next year. I hope I'm wrong though!

We applied for Lindsey's passport yesterday. The clerk wasn't quite sure what documentation to take. I brought everything under the sun just in case - birth certificate, COC, adoption decree, Chinese passport, etc. - because I have heard different clerks seem to ask for different things. So in the end she just took the birth certificate but said they may write and ask for her COC (Certificate of Citizenship). I said that was fine, we have time, and I would prefer not to send off the original COC if I don't have to! She said they are taking about 8 weeks to process. I was looking at my passport and noticed it was issued the day Lindsey was born. I don't think I had noticed that before.

Here's a pic of Lindsey once again feeding a goat, this time at a local zoo. We went last week when hubby was on vacation.

And one of her coloring:

Have a great day!


Stephanie said...

Your daughter is such a cutie!

Joannah said...

Great pictures of Lindsay!

Val said...

What's she coloring on? It looks like something Sophie would like...she loves to draw and color. On any flat surface...but I digress. ;o)

Kim said...

I'll say it again...Lindsay is such a cutie pie!

Connie said...

Lindsey is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!