Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 7, 2004 (Monday)


Last night it took a little while to get Lindsey to sleep and she was up at 12:30, again. Every night she wakes up at 12:30. We waited a minute to see if she would go back to sleep but she was screaming. We gave her a bottle and she gobbled that up, and was back to sleep after about 45 minutes. Then she cried out again several times during the night but I just had to pat her head. We all slept until about 7:45. We don't have to go anywhere until 2:20 when we leave for the consulate and then to do some shopping. We're going to a Thai restaurant for supper. Tomorrow more shopping then HOME. I am so ready.

I forgot to tell you the story about the "hairy toys". When we got Lindsey we were able to ask her nannies questions and our guide Lineker translated. We asked what were her favorite toys and Lineker said "toys that play music or make noise, she doesn't like hairy toys." Ben said "do you mean furry toys? Oh yeah yeah Lineker said. So we laugh about her not liking hairy toys. I am the stuffed animal queen so we will have to get her to like them. Mum brought her an adorable Care Bear and she is at least touching it some.

I'm afraid my posts are getting boring. I am running out of things to say but I like to write each day. I guess just one more post tomorrow and then not again until we get home. HOME. My favorite place to be.


Yangchun Babies (Lindsey is second from left)

Room Service!

Always with the cloth

At the Thai restaurant (fun fun!)

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