Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4, 2004

Hi everyone!

We are now at the China Hotel. It is so nice. Each hotel has gotten nicer although our last one, Dong Fang, was very good too. They were working on the pool at that one so Ben hasn't been able to swim until now. He and Jay are swimming, Mum is sitting poolside. I was too but Lindsey was getting really hot and crabby. I brought her up to the room and she fell asleep taking her bottle (first time for that). She's sleeping now in a rather rickety crib for such a nice hotel! The one at our last hotel was nicer.

Lindsey is incredible! She is getting better and better. She laughs and giggles, smiles, talks, crawls, pulls up to a stand. We realized yesterday that sometimes when she is crabby she is just bored. We get out with the other kids and new scenery and she happily plays on the floor. This is a blast. The first part of the trip was so hard and now it is so much better. I am not even ready to go home yet. I will be so happy to get there next week though. It will be nice to understand what everyone is saying. :-)

We talked quite a bit with the Guest Relation Officer at our last hotel while we were waiting in the lobby to walk over to this hotel. Her name is Gigi Chen. She speaks English really well and is very beautiful. We got her email address. Well Jay did, he sure loves to talk to everyone.

This morning Lindsey woke up at 6 a.m. and reached out to me to take her out of the crib. That is another first. She also put a toy in her mouth by the pool, another first. She doesn't put anything in her mouth other than her "cloth" and her bottle of course. I brought Cheerios, prunes, rice cereal, baby cookies--all things I will just take right back home with me, she won't take them. That's fine though. One of her favorite "toys" is a Kleenex pack. :-)

Tomorrow Lindsey has her medical exam. We weighed her again and came up with 15-16 pounds which seems more like it. 13+ pounds is awfully tiny. But she is a peanut. She is beautiful.

The largest park in Guangzhou is across the street from our hotel. We're hoping to rent a stroller and walk over there after Lindsey gets up from her nap. We don't have any official business today again. Lindsey's passport is coming today though.

Hope all is well at home. I really miss everyone! We were talking about what we are looking forward to eating when we get home. One thing we all want is a bowl of cereal! You can't drink the milk here, except for one brand I think and I'm not sure what that is. I'm not taking any chances. So far I haven't been sick and other than what I've already mentioned everyone is feeling fine. Thankfully Lindsey hasn't needed any meds at all.

Zai jian! (Good bye!)


With Gigi Chen, checking out of the Dong Fang

China Hotel

The view out our window at the China Hotel!

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David and Denise said...

I just found your blog- wonderful! She is so beautiful, waiting to travel our selve and are excited to read your adventures to get a feel what to expect on our trip. Hope the best for you and everything run smooth. Enjoy yourself and hope to see new posts.
Denise and David
Fayetteville, NC