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June 5, 2004 (Saturday)

Hi all,

Today Lindsey had her medical exam, and photos done for her visa. She cried for both of her visa photos. :-) Her exam went well, it was very interesting. Lindsey weighed in at 16.6 pounds. She may be the smallest baby in the group. She's so cutsie cutsie. :-)

Last night we rented a stroller here in the hotel. We put her in it and she screamed. We got moving and she was a little better. Today she liked it a little more. She also sat in a high chair for the first time for breakfast this morning. She did pretty well. It was so much easier to eat breakfast. The buffet here at the China Hotel is awesome. The other 2 hotels had good breakfast buffets too but I think this one is the best. They have syrup for the pancakes and french toast. :-) The other 2 just had honey.

Lindsey hardly napped at all today. I hope she sleeps good tonight! Last night was the first time she required a bottle in the middle of the night (3:30 am) to get back to sleep. She cries out once or twice but I pat her head and she goes back to sleep. The comforters on the beds are awesome. I sure would love an uninterrupted night's sleep (don't laugh Mary Jo!!! LOL).

Instead of napping Lindsey has been playing up a storm today. She keeps standing up. Twice she took 2 steps! She doesn't even use her hands or anything to get up, she just gets up. It's so cute.

Tomorrow we are going to a tea house in the morning and on a Pearl River cruise in the evening. Monday is our consulate appointment and shopping, Tuesday we get the babies' visas and more shopping, then Wednesday we come HOME. I am finally getting to where I really want to come home. I'm not looking forward to the long flights though!

Oh I almost forgot, last night we went to a Japanese restaurant here in the hotel for dinner, with our group. I was pretty hesitant about it but we all really liked it! It was quite an experience. I just got some veggies and they had an excellent flavor. Mum had king prawn (like huge shrimp I guess) and loved it. Jay and Ben got some kind of ribs (nothing like American ribs Jay says). We all liked it. For dessert Ben and I had green tea ice cream! It was surprisingly good. I guess we like coffee ice cream so green tea ice cream isn't so odd. Jay had sesame ice cream. Weird. :-)

It's almost time to give Lindsey her bath (she hates it, screams). Then I have to clean up the room and get to bed. You are all just waking up on Saturday morning as I write this, and it is Saturday night for us.


In the department store with the ever present "cloth"

Department store

Outside the medical clinic

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