Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!!

Before I go back to the past again, I will stay in the present and wish my sweet girl Happy Birthday! Lindsey is 3 years old today! Today is also the 2 year anniversary of the day she legally became our daughter. She had her 3 year checkup at the doctor this morning, where she got her second HepA shot (sorry baby!). She weighs almost 27 pounds and is 1/4 inch shy of 3 feet tall. :-) (10% for weight, 21% for height) Saturday is her Dora themed birthday party with all her family.

We didn't really get to celebrate her first birthday even though she was with us. It was only our second day with her, she wasn't eating, we were busy and exhausted and we didn't do anything special. I thought we would just do something once we got home, but that first summer home was such a blur, a difficult adjustment for us, and we never did get around to throwing her a first birthday party. Sorry again pretty girl! Oh well the important thing is she was part of our family for her first birthday, and she wouldn't remember the party anyway.

A picture of the birthday girl this morning, then back to the past.....


June 1, 2004

Lindsey HuaWu Kunstman is one year old today!! She is also officially, legally our daughter and Ben's little sister. Ben has a sister, wow, I can't believe I can say that. It is as awesome as us having a daughter. He has been the light of my life for almost 14 years and it is hard to describe my feelings about adding another child to my heart. Ben is staying in a room with Grandma and last night I just missed him so much. He is going to sleep in our room a few nights on the rest of the trip.

Today we had 2 interviews with Chinese notaries and then went to the police station where they did whatever they do :-) while we sat there and then they took our picture. So Amy told us the Chinese part of our adoption is done and Lindsey is our daughter in the eyes of both governments, China and the US. When we were waiting for our turn at the police station I turned to Jay and said can you believe we're in China, in a police station??? This is so wild. :-)

I am sooooo tired and so overwhelmed. No one told me this trip would be so hard. I'm enjoying myself and loving the experience but it is very difficult on me physically and emotionally. The hardest thing at the moment is that Lindsey will not eat! Please pray that she eats soon, I am so worried about her. She did drink some water several times but after the first time threw it all up, all over me. I've been initiated. :-) That happened this morning at the Civil Affairs Office. She's kept it down since and is sleeping right now.

Jay, Ben, and Mum left about 15 minutes ago to walk over to the China Hotel. I just got up from a nap and have to clean up the hotel room, it is a disaster. I have either been too busy or too tired to keep up with it.

Other than Lindsey not eating she is doing great. She is very quiet and reserved, still taking it all in I suppose. She hasn't really smiled yet. I'm sure she will open up in the next few days. She just LOVES to scratch at things with her little fingers (and her LONG fingernails, we haven't had a chance to cut them yet). She scratches at every texture. She just sits quietly and scratches at her toys and books. She has started to suck on a cloth diaper to soothe herself. She is taking her nap with her diaper in her mouth.

She cried for her bath this morning. The nannies said she loves her bath so I don't know if that's not true or it's just that she is getting used to us. She sure smells good now. :-)

Since Jay is gone right now I can't upload any pictures right now. I'm not sure where they are on this computer. I will do that tonight for sure so check back soon. I am starting to recognize the little girl from the referral pictures but let me tell you she looks SO different. She is so so so so sweet and cute. You will love her little face.

I'll write more soon!

Eileen and family

Lindsey with her cloth diaper (she still loves these to this day!)

Lindsey and her big brother Ben

Our wonderful guides, Lineker and Amy


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Lindsey!

Joannah said...

Happy birthday, Lindsey!

She has grown and changed so much. Give her a kiss for me!

Jenny said...

Happy Birtday Lindsey!!! You are such a beautiful girl!!!

Jenny said...

oops, birthday!! LOL

Tara in w. KY said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!
Thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane, Eileen! :-)