Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3, 2004

Hi again!

Things are getting better and better here. I thought I'd be dying to get home by now. Although I'd love to be home, I'm happy to be here yet. Tomorrow we move next door to the China Hotel. Otherwise we don't have anything going on tomorrow (I don't think). The families from the other provinces will arrive here tomorrow too. It will be fun to see all their babies.

This morning we went to the Guangzhou Zoo. It was so hot that I didn't care about the animals too much. It wasn't as hot as yesterday but bad enough. They do have a panda there right now.

That's the only group activity we did today. Jay and Lindsey are both sleeping right now, it's 3:00 in the afternoon. I'm going to take a nap after I write this email.

Lindsey ate again this morning, a few ounces. She seems to only want an ounce or so at a time, and then want more 15 minutes later. Except on the bus on the way to the zoo, she ate 4 ounces at once, a record. Since we've been back to the hotel she only wants a micro amount at a time. But at least she's eating and she'll get better.

This morning Lindsey was still "serious baby". This afternoon she is a different baby! She is more active and has smiled and giggled and made many new sounds. Up to now she has only said "Ahh!" many times. This afternoon she said mamamamama and babababa, nananana, and made silly sounds with her mouth. She crawled across the room to daddy. She can pull herself up to a stand without holding on to anything. She doesn't really stand though. She is so wonderful.

I added some more pictures of Lindsey to the photo page. I realized we needed more pictures of her close up, with just her sweet face in the picture. Ben is taking tons of pictures yet. He is obsessed with taking pictures of one of our guides, Lineker. Lineker is one of those people who are funny without trying to be. He is always just moseying around while our other guide, Amy, does all the work. They are both so nice. I can't imagine being her without a guide. In Beijing at the jade shop, I couldn't understand something the clerk was trying to explain to me about my purchase. Lineker came up, said a bunch of Chinese, turned to me and said "they'll deliver it to our restaurant". It was just so funny. It would have taken me forever to figure that out.

I better go and get my own nap in before supper. I sure would love Pizza Hut again. I didn't care for the food in Beijing but found enough to keep me alive. :-) I can't wait to go to Schlotzskys, Papa Murphys, Chilis, oh all kinds of places when we get home. :-)


Here we are staying in a beautiful 5 star hotel, they were redoing the whole pool area and it was going to be just gorgeous, but look at the primitive "tools" they used to work on this - these are just an example

The zoo

Sleeping beauty

Sweet girl

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