Thursday, June 08, 2006

June 8, 2004 (Tuesday)

****Note: I think I may be confusing some people - I am not in China right now. I am reliving our first trip to China, 2 years ago, to adopt our daughter Lindsey, now 3. We are almost 8 months into the wait for our second daughter, Allison. Back to the past........****

I didn't get a chance to write an email on our last full day in China. Let's see if I can remember how the day went. Had breakfast at the awesome breakfast buffet as usual, a little bleary eyed (as usual) and then Lindsey and I went to take a nap in the room and Jay and his mom went to get their hair cut on the lower level of the hotel. They came up late morning and just raved about their experience! They said I just had to do it. So I went to get my hair cut. I was shaking in my boots the whole time but it was fun. They washed my hair for about 15 minutes! Ah that was nice. I got a good hair cut - will definitely do this again on our next trip!

After lunch we got back on the bus and went to Shamian Island as we did the day before, and shopped. When we got back, we could see that Lindsey wasn't feeling too good. By early evening her cry was getting hoarse, and she had a fever and runny nose. Our guide went with us to the hotel nurse where she gave us various meds (the only recognizable one was 2 doses of zithromax). She gave Lindsey a suppository to bring her fever down. The "doctor visit" was an interesting experience to say the least! Then I had to pack because we were leaving early the next day. I never got a chance to post. I was sooooooooooooo tired by then and soooooo ready to go home.

No pictures to post right now, check back later. Tomorrow's post will detail our long and harrowing trip home. :-)

Edited 5/9 to include photos

Me getting my hair washed

Results of haircut, and Lindsey :-)

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Connie said...

I gotcha...and I love the walk down memory lane. Thank you!