Monday, October 15, 2007

Allison's Birthday

Unfortunately I didn't get any really good pictures of Allison's 2nd birthday party. I tried to take some before the party, knowing it would get chaotic when everyone was here (which it did) but the girls just did not want to cooperate. Both girls would not stay still so all the pictures are blurry. I thought for sure I took some when we were singing Happy Birthday but they did not show up. Here's what I did get:

(I told you Chester always gets in pictures! That's his ear on the bottom.)

Eating supper, she loves to eat!

I got tears in my eyes when we were singing to her, thinking about last year, how no one probably sang her Happy Birthday. How thrilled I am that she is my daughter and from now on we can celebrate her coming into the world and into our family, every year. She is a special little girl!

In honor of Allison's nickname, "Pie Pie", we didn't have a birthday cake. Jay made an apple pie and a blueberry pie (yum!), get it - Pie Pie. :-) I did make cupcakes and spelled out Happy Birthday on them with candy letters. The picture I took of that didn't turn out very good :-( and I FORGOT to take pictures of the pies! ARGH! This was NOT the birthday of pictures I guess. Allison took her own pictures. I wonder if hers turned out better than mine. :-)

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


My baby turns 2 years old today! We missed her first birthday by just a few weeks (Gotcha Day was 10/30) so I'm so happy to have her home with us today. We're not doing anything special today, but having a birthday party for her on Sunday. I will post more about Allison and pictures after that day. I don't have the time right now. But I wanted to acknowledge my sweet Allison today on her special day!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Love, Mom