Saturday, April 14, 2007

Allison's Story

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know we started out in the NSN program for our second China adoption, LID 10/12/05. Ever since applying for our second adoption, we talked on and off about filling out the special needs (SN) application with our agency. We never felt quite ready until the summer of 2006. Everything just fell into place and we filled out the application in mid-July. On August 11, 2006, we received the referral of our little Allison. We were asking for a child about 2 years old, and she was only 10 months the day of referral. "She's younger than you were asking for, do you still want to know more about her?" Well, YES! :-) We accepted her referral and Gotcha Day was 10/30/06.

You also know that I started a password protected website for our travel. I also didn't know what lay ahead of us as far as treatment so I wanted to keep that information more private. But now I'd like to share about her "special need that wasn't", to give glory to God!

Allison's special need was a heart condition, atrial septal defect (ASD). She was reported to have 2 small holes in her heart that would most likely need surgery to close. About a week after we got home we took her to a pediatric cardiologist and.....her heart was fine! Either the holes closed on their own or she never had the defect. Of course we were thrilled! She is a very happy and healthy little girl.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Please forgive me!

I'm so behind. My sidebar is not up to date at all, I'll fix that when I can. Congrats to those families who received a referral in the last batch! Hugs to those who expected one and didn't get one due to the CCAA only doing 2 days worth. And Jane I hope yours comes very soon too! I can't wait to rejoice with you!

So anyway, things have been crazy around here. Jay was in the hospital over Easter weekend (he's home now and doing fine) and so many other things. I will get my sidebar updated soon. For now I'll leave you with 2 pics of the girls from last month. We actually had a warm spell for about a week and a few days after these pics were taken it even got up to 80 degrees one day. Now it's cold and snowy again but spring WILL come, right? (Lindsey SO needs to get outside and work off some energy, I think it's contributing to her, ummm, being quite naughty lately!)

Sunday, April 01, 2007


This was actually the week before last. Allison and I were both sick that whole week. Can you tell she wasn't feeling good in these pictures? :-)

We're both feeling much better, but now it's Lindsey's turn. :-( She has a runny nose, a bad cough, and a fever. This is worrisome because a little over a year ago she started out like this and it turned into pneumonia. I read you are more susceptible to it once you have it. But when she had it she was also VERY listless and breathing fast, and she's not like that this time. But a call to the doctor might be in order tomorrow. Feel better Lindsey!