Saturday, August 26, 2006

Goodbye LID Ticker!

I left my "days since our LID" ticker up there for awhile, for some reason couldn't let it go. Dumb, because it no longer matters how long it's been since we have our referral for our precious Allison. I'm moving on! :-) (Had you noticed our Allison's birthday is only one day before our LID?)

I'm not crazy about the white backgrounds on the birthday tickers but it's the only way the text will show up.

That's my exciting entry for the day! 8 days down, ? to go!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Whirlwind Days

THANK YOU to everyone for your wonderful congratulations! I will be saving them all.

I just got caught up reading everyone's blogs that I have links to on the left and will continue to keep up as best I can. I probably won't be able to comment much anymore but I will be there behind the scenes cheering you on! After being in "shut down mode" for so long with the wait getting longer and longer, I now have SO MUCH TO DO! Not only do I have to finish up my lists of things to do to get ready for the trip, and then actually DO THEM! But I have things to get caught up on around the house, and most importantly, before we leave I have to make sure our homeschool year is up and running smoothly (okay as best as we can!) so that we don't lose too much time while we're gone. I remember all too well how hard those first days/weeks/months post-China can be and this time I will have TWO little ones AND it will be right in the middle of the school year. Last time we got home June 10 so I had most of the summer to adjust before starting school. And Ben is a Junior this year so no slacking off allowed! I still have to finish a little planning and getting things ready to start the day after Labor Day.

So crazy days ahead for me, wonderful, wonderful but crazy days! Thanks again everyone for taking this journey with me.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Yes, you read that right! Last month we filled out the SN application with our agency. We received our referral last Friday, August 11!!!! It's been a bear keeping it secret this past week! But I wanted to wait until our LOI was offically going out. It's being sent to China today!

Here's the important info!

Chinese Name: Cheng Ling Yun
Soon to be: Allison Lingyun
DOB: 10/11/05
Kunming City CWI
Yunnan Province

She's only 10 months old! We had requested 18-24 months but God had a different plan! I am thrilled. Time to dust off the crib again! Woo hoo!

I can't post pictures until we get TA. Believe me when I tell you that she is adorable! :-)

Prayers going out to all my fellow blogger friends who are still waiting...and waiting.....and waiting.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben is 16 today! Happy Birthday my #1 favorite son! :-)

Sixteen years ago at this very moment I was in intense pain LOL and would be until 6:12 p.m. when Ben was born! He was 7 lb. 2 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Quite the adorable baby too if I say so myself.

I am so proud of the person Ben has become. He's a wonderful son. He likes music, his iPod, music, church youth group, music, hanging out with his friends, music, Civil Air Patrol, and music! He wants to go into the field of aviation after graduation.

I love you Ben!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Shannon asked about being a home teacher. I don't really talk about homeschooling much if at all on this blog, but it's a HUGE part of my life! You might not be able to tell with all my talk and pics of Lindsey, but I do have *two* kids :-) and I've homeschooled my older one for 10 years now. I love it! Well, sometimes planning for it, reading about it, and talking about it is more fun than actually doing it LOL but I do love it. While I will stop short of saying it is the best method of education for everyone, it IS a wonderful way to educate your children and my first choice. I am a HUGE believer in homeschooling!

This year we are trying something new for history. Trisms This curriculum includes not only history but writing and composition, humanities, economics, logic/critical thinking and more.

We will start the day after Labor Day as we always do. I'm looking forward to another year of homeschooling. Other curriculum we are using includes:

Video Text Algebra

Apologia Biology

Latin Road to English Grammar

Rosetta Stone Spanish/

I also love Sonlight curriculum. We used it last year for world history, and planned to use it again this year but I decided to go in a different direction with Trisms. I do hope to use Sonlight with the girls when it is time to homeschool them. I am so looking forward to that!

PLEASE do not write me and say "I would never have the patience to homeschool." Big pet peeve here! WHO in the world does have enough patience....for anything? Certainly not me! I don't understand how patience is the one thing that everyone thinks you need to homeschool. Not that you don't need some, but it's not the number one thing! Yet that seems to be the number one objection most people have to doing it themselves. If you don't want to homeschool, that's fine! But if you have any desire at all, don't let your perceived lack of patience stop you!

You know, *I* don't have enough of anything to be a good mom, to homeschool, to be a good wife, friend, etc. But GOD has everything I need! So if God calls you to homeschool, He will give you the ability to do it. NO saying "I don't have the patience" or the this or the that.

Stepping off my soapbox now! Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More pics

Just a few more pics from Saturday...


New Packers coach Mike McCarthy

Sunday, August 06, 2006

They won!

It was a little hard to decide who to root for last night - Green Bay or the Packers. :-) We had a great time! One of the first things I taught Lindsey when we first brought her home was Go Pack Go! It came out more like "Doh, doh, doh!" but she could pump her little fist with the best of them. Of course now she says it all clearly. Here's a few pics from yesterday. The first one is Lindsey with 2 of her July03 Dragonfly "sisters".

The happiest Packer fan on the block

Brett Favre.... action!

Packers #1 Draft Pick - AJ Hawk

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Woo Hoo!!!!! Football season is almost here. I LOVE football. Love it, love it, love it. Did I mention I love football? Of course my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, Go Pack Go! Yes I love football!!!!

Tonight we're going to the 6th annual Packers Family Night which is a glorified scrimmage. They have the scrimmage, then a jersey giveaway, "other entertainment" (not sure what that is going to be) and fireworks at the end. I can't wait, just to be in Lambeau Field is so awesome. I've only been to 2 regular season games (tickets are hard to come by!) but they were a blast. Family Night is a great way to get into Lambeau, much cheaper than a game, just for fun. First we're going to a cookout at Dawn's house then on to the game.

I hope the Packers have a better season this year than last! (4-12) Ah the good old days when they won the Super Bowl in 1997. That season was just so much fun and winning the Super Bowl was so cool. Losing the Super Bowl the following year was so painful! I can't watch any highlights from that game, especially post-game watching John Elway hoisting the Lombardi Trophy afterwards. Ugh!

The first preseason game is next Saturday night against the Chargers and the first regular season game is Sunday, September 10 at 3:15 against Da Bears. Go Pack!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nothing to say?

Post pictures of Lindsey! Sorry but I just have nothing new to say anymore these days! Just waiting and waiting and waiting. Enjoying the summer. Getting ready for the school year (we homeschool). Plugging along. Have a great day!

Sleeping Beauty

June 2005

June 2006