Monday, February 20, 2006

The rumors....and attitude....

We went out of town to visit friends this past weekend. They live on the WI/IL border. They got none of the 10 inches of snow we got on Thursday. It was COLD this weekend! We set out for our trip (8 a.m.) and it was -15 degrees. Yes, MINUS 15....15 below zero. Got that? :-) Brrrr!!!!!

So anyway, back to the wait. (No new rumors for this post!) I laugh at myself sometimes because I give this big speech about enjoying the wait, etc. And I am living that out for the most part. But just so you don't think I have a total "la de da" attitude, here's what's been going through my mind the past couple days....."okay, we spend the weekend visiting friends and when we get home and then wake up Monday morning it will be the 20th. So I get through the week, then this weekend go to my church's women's retreat. When I get back from that February will be just about over. So what do I have going on in March? Ater this happens, we'll have 5 months of the wait over. Then we have to get through this, then that, then April, then blah blah blah." I can try to figure this out with the best of them. :-)

Mostly I just want to get past winter! Summers always go fast, and I plan to enjoy each day even if we are still waiting for our referral the whole time.

Have a great week!

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Jodie said...

Minus 15 degrees...whoa that IS cold!!!

I agree, being busy does help the wait go by! We were DTC in July 05 and the whole Thanksgiving through New Year's time just wooooshed by! Now, not so much...sigh! But you sound like you've got some activities to help pass the time. Not to mention little Lindsey and not so little Ben to keep you busy! :-) I know my 2 kiddos keep things busy most of the time!