Thursday, February 09, 2006

June 2005 - 2 years old!

Lindsey turned 2 on June 1. This first picture is her at her birthday party on June 4, while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. She was just beaming as you can see.

Riding her bike!

Uh oh, Lindsey fell at the end of the driveway at my sister's house late June. That night right after it happened, all we saw was that her face was bleeding right under her nose, nothing too major. When she woke the next morning.....woah! She scraped herself up more than we thought! There was a scrape across her forehead, one all the way down her nose, and the one under her nose. It's weird that we couldn't tell this the night before. This is her a few days after it happened.

I'm starting to feel better today, thanks for all your well wishes!


Kristin said...

Poor little nose!

Eva is going to be jealous when I show her the photo of Lindsey with her bike... Eva has scooter which she loves, but I have seen her eyeballing the scooter rides...

Happy Birthday!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Wow, that is some scrape! So glad she's feeling better. :-)