Sunday, February 12, 2006

4 months down!

We made it to the 4 month mark! When we started out of course we thought we'd be over halfway done with the wait by now and now we might have a few more months before we get to that point. But 4 months is 4 months and the wait is actually going pretty fast.

If you're new to my blog you might wonder why I have all these pictures of Lindsey when this is supposed to be about adoption #2. Since there hasn't been much going on except waiting and more waiting I've been posting pictures of Lindsey every month from Gotcha Day to the present. When I get caught up with those I will start focusing more on the current adoption. I hope you are enjoying the pictures of Lindsey. She is truly beautiful inside and out and we are SO blessed to call her our daughter!

Have a great day everyone!


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Lindsey is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting the pictures. I am hoping that you have reached atleast the halfway mark and are 4 months or less from getting you referral! :D

Lisa~~ said...

Love seeing Lindsey and when you get baby #2, we'll love seeing both of them.

Stephanie said...

So glad that you are taking a very optimistic view of your wait. I only hope once I am DTC I will keep as upbeat as you are!

Glo said...

I agree. That is one very sweet looking little gal. Glad to hear she is beautiful inside and out. Hope your wait isn't too long before you add your next little one.