Thursday, October 27, 2005

Packing - Clothes

I don't know how interesting or helpful this will be, but I thought I'd go through all the categories of "stuff" we brought to China, one at a time when I get time.

So for clothes: I brought 4 pair of capris plus the ones I wore on the plane, and a shirt for each. That was plenty, BUT, we spent a lot on laundry. I think next time I will bring one more outfit and maybe we can just have laundry done once and not twice. Our guide said we spent the most on laundry in our group! Ooops! It's funny because when you get the clean laundry back it comes individually wrapped in plastic, it looks like a little present. We had a good laugh one day when we went through our newly cleaned clothes "Oh look what I got! A new shirt!" "New underwear!" I think we were tired and slap happy at the time.

In addition to the 5 outfits I brought a sweatshirt (wore on the plane), pajamas, sweat pants for in the hotel room, slippers (they were also provided in all 3 hotels we stayed in, wouldn't need to bring them but I wore them on the plane so I'll bring again), undergarments of course :-) and an extra pair of shoes. Both pair were tennis shoes, next time I will bring a good pair of walking sandals and one pair of tennis shoes.

Hope you're not yawning too much after reading this most exciting post.

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PinkDevora said...

No, this is not boring. It's very, very useful.