Tuesday, October 25, 2005

September Moon Gazers

The DTC group I am a part of has a website!


We're on Page 3 of the Meet the Moon Gazers page.

I'm also in the OctoberDTC group but am more active in the September group where I started. It's hard to keep up with 2 groups but I have a September DTC date and an October LID. Doesn't the CCAA understand the difficulties they create for us when they log us in so long after DTC? LOL

I've added some links to other blogs, both families in my DTC group and other misc. blogs I'm following. Reading adoption blogs is my new addiction!

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Krista said...

Hey Eileen,

I'm addicted to blogs as well. It's a great way to share the experience. We're still waiting for our LID. Maybe we will be traveling at the same time.

I saw your family on the Sept Moongazers site. Your kids are beautiful. :)