Sunday, October 16, 2005

All moved in!

I started my adoption blog at but for various reasons decided to move over here to Blogger. If you want, go over to my old site to catch up on where we are at, then bookmark this new site to follow the rest of our journey!

To summarize where we are at in the process:

May 2 - applied to our agency, AWAA (

Mid-June - all dossier documents except homestudy and I-171H notarized and ready to be certified and authenticated

July 21 - homestudy sent to USCIS in Milwaukee

July 27 - fingerprinted

August 20 - I-171H received

September 9 - DTC!

October 12 - Our LID, finally! after a 33 day wait!

Grrr, I thought for sure we'd be logged in in September. I had not seen a LID take longer than 3 weeks before it was our turn. Now that I am over the initial disappointment (although I think it will always bug me a little until we get our referral!) I am just glad to be logged in and officially waiting for our referral in April? May? Time will tell!

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