Tuesday, November 01, 2005

LID Explanation

I finally heard a reasonable and very possible reason why my LID took so long. It used to be that my agency (AWAA ) sends the dossiers to China, they get logged in, THEN go to Bridge of Love Adoption Service (in the same building with the CCAA) to be translated. But now the dossiers are getting translated first and THEN logged in. Some agencies translate the dossiers here in the US before they go to China. So those would be the agencies whose dossiers got logged in more quickly than ours.

I'll have to look into this some more, ask those with fast LIDs and those with long ones who their agency is and what their translation policy is. If my "research" doesn't support the above explanation, then we're back to who knows what the CCAA is doing over there. :-)

Have a great day!

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Hopeful Mommy said...

I am confused about the LID too. I have heard the last few months have had enormous amounts of dossiers being sent, so maybe they are just trying to catch up.

Hopefully it will all keep moving smoothly.