Monday, October 24, 2005

Packing Part 1

I'm not going to get into specific things to bring in this post, just want to share my pet peeve. :-) I don't like when people say "You MUST bring this or that" or "Do NOT bring this or that, you do NOT need it." There have been things that people have said are "musts" that I didn't need at all, and things people have said "Don't take" that I found very valuable. (like a CAR SEAT - more on that in another post - we brought one and will do it again).

Everyone has different likes/dislikes, different needs, and different experiences. So anything I share worked or didn't work *for me* - you have to weigh it out in your own mind and decide if you want to bring something or not. I'm not an expert either, I went to China once, so remember that too. Have a great day!

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