Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

My February gift arrived a bit late but that's okay! It just stretched out Valentine's Day a bit longer. Look at all that pink! Two pair of pink jammies, pink socks, a pink purse, pink candies, some pink on the bear (which plays music) and a pink sticker book. She sent many more chocolate kisses and suckers also. Thank you!

I put everything in the "Allison tub" except for the sticker book - hope you don't mind I'm going to give that to Lindsey.


Stephanie said...

Great stuff. Isn't it nice to know that someone put so much effort into getting this stuff for your little girl!

Carrie said...

Eileen---I finally found your blog. LOL You kept send me comments on mine but I couldn't get back to you. Please email me so we can chat more. Looks like we have some things in common ;)

Anonymous said...

so sorry Eileen, I forgot to put a tag, I actually meant the sticker book for Lindsey! actually, I bought the pink purse for her too, just forgot to tell you that! enjoy