Thursday, March 02, 2006

She's so funny!

I hope you will put up with me sharing more funny things about my daughter Lindsey. This morning we were driving to church for Bible study and she said,

"I smell something! It smells like.......air!"

(after some conversation I realized she meant the air was getting warm in the van and she wanted it cooler)

Afterward we were walking out to our van. It rained/snowed last night and this morning was sunny so it all turned to slush. She had a blast splashing in the puddles and her pants and shoes/socks were soaked. So anyway right now she just has on her shirt and undershirt, no pants no socks. We just finished lunch and she still had her bib on, but the bib part was on her back. I leaned over her to wipe her mouth and she said "I'm Super Map!" (she meant Super Man)

One other thing, yesterday was Jay's birthday and we went out for dinner. When we got home I was going to get Lindsey out of her carseat and she reacted as she usually does and wanted daddy to get her out. That's fine. So as he's getting her out, she said to him "I love my mommy but I don't want her to get me out."

Life is a continual adventure with this child! We are always laughing (when we're not pulling our hair out!) I've sure been blessed!


(edited to add:)

In the 10 minutes after I wrote that entry, Lindsey did a few more funny things! First of all she said to me "Come and see my DDDs!" She was talking about her DVDs, her movies from the library. She had taken them out of their cases and stacked them on top of each other. Sorry library!

Then it was time to change her diaper before her nap. She always likes to "be an animal" to me - she starts aways from me then either roars like a lion while walking toward me, or hops like a bunny or frog, or acts like a monkey, etc. So this time she wants to hop on one foot. "This is how you do it mommy. You put your one leg up here.....and hop!" (She couldn't do it very well but she tried!) So she says "I'm epersizing!" (exercising)

I had cupcakes in the oven and had to wait until they were done before I could put her down for her nap - I told her this. So a few minutes later she asks me if the "muffin cakes" are done.

This girl is a hoot! And now she's sleeping, I'm off to do the same! YAWN! I love naps!!!!!!

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Stephanie said...

I just love what kids come out with sometimes. My daughter was asking my husband the other day about the day she was born. He was explaining about the operating room (I had a C-section). When he continued with "when you were finally delivered" she interrupted him and asked "oh Daddy, did I come in a box?" Only out of the mouth of a four year old!