Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thanks Cindy!

Thanks again Cindy for my March Secret Pal gift! Here it is minus the purse which was in Lindsey's room when I took the picture (and she was napping). The outfit is so cute!

Can you believe we ended the swap with March because when we started we thought we'd be getting our referrals soon? Now we are most likely not even halfway there. We WILL get there though! Yes one day I will be posting a picture of my sweet Allison dressed up in this cute little jumper!


Ava Baby said...

What a sweet outfit. It is hard to believe that the swap started 7 months ago- the time has gone pretty fast.

CindyB said...

I'm glad you like it, Eileen. Cant wait to see it on Allison. I guess we dont have to be "annonymous" anymore huh??? LOL

I like your encouraging messages,

Jodie said...

Very sweet!

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I hope to see that sooner rather then later!