Monday, March 20, 2006

Snow be gone!

My latest obsession is finding the unmelted piles of snow around here and willing them to go away! Most of the snow has melted except for places that are very shaded or where a lot of snow was piled up (parking lots, etc.) I have even gone to the few piles left in our yard and kicked them so the snow was spread out so it would melt faster. I guess I just feel like when the snow melts and spring gets here (not just on the calendar but weather wise) then we will be that much closer to our daughter and the time will go faster! I love winter but it gets long and by this time of the year I am just so ready for it to be over.

I was freezing my buns off today taking my dog for a walk (it was about 30 degrees and very windy) and I saw my first robin! On the first day of spring, how fitting.

Okay so this was the dumbest, most boring entry I have made for awhile. LOL I really need some good referral news I think!

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