Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pre-Referral Stress...., not now. I'm feeling very excited and antsy, but not stressed...yet. The title of this entry is the title of an email message I sent to my agency group shortly before we received Lindsey's referral. We knew we were definitely next but at the time I wrote this I didn't know when we'd get our referral. The last batch came out on March 9, I posted this message on March 30, and our referral came on April 8 (2004).

Here's what I wrote:

Over this last year I've read many posts from people who were next for referrals who seemed a little, ah, crazed--couldn't sleep, posting weird things, obsessed.:-) And I thought, what's the big thing--your referral will be here any day now and everything will be fine. Why can't you sleep? Ha Ha.

Now it's my turn and it's sooo hard! I can't concentrate on much, I check my mail every hour, I had to force myself to do some housework earlier instead of sitting here at the computer. Sometimes I think if I press Send/Receive Mail enough times something good will show up! :-)

So I've been following the paperchasing sagas and reading about Shelly's dad and other things and not really saying anything because I just can't focus! I don't want to be me-centered but I can't think about much else other than when is my referral coming. So forgive me and know that I care about each of you and hope that the paperchase will soon be over for some of you, that those waiting to turn 30 will be able to handle the wait, that new members will find love and support here. I love reading about the recent China trips too!

What a ride this is!

Group 142
Going nuts


Isn't that funny? I can't wait to get to that point again!

I've been reading more posts that I wrote right before and after our referral of Lindsey. I'll post a few more of them here in the coming days. It's so fun reliving our last adoption while we just wait, wait, wait for our second referral.

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