Friday, July 04, 2008

Who Needs Water?

My neighbor very generously gave me her old swimming pool since it's now too small for her 3 girls (all adopted from China!) She brought it over the other day but we haven't had a chance to swim in it yet. So it was just sitting on the grass empty for now, but that didn't seem to matter to my girls!

Notice the dog in the picture, of course! He always manages to sneak in pics!


Marco V. said...

Wonderful family :)

Good luck from Italy

Michelle said...

Oh, cute!! You are right...who needs water??

Happy 4th., Eileen!!

Jeff and Amy said...

Looks like they are having fun, hey it's a slide, they are just adorable!!!!!!

Jackie Sue said...

Just think how much fun they can really have...give those gals some water already :) Hey, folks are planning to come to disney for our reunion in 2010....wanna come? We'd love to have you!

3peas1pod said...

The girls are absolutely beautiful! You got to love those smiles!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eileen, I am surprised with all the flooding you don't have water for your pool. THe girls look just beautiful. You need to look again at the girls in Jackie Sue's photos, you do know the girl in the middle with bare feet. We would love to have you join our reunion in Disney. Hope we get a chance to see you soon.
Neppl family

Becki party of 5 said...

Too cute! Think how much fun they'll have when they realize you could actually add water to their pool?! haha

Wendy said...

Hey Eileen,

I hadn't visited in a while. Life is so busy, but I miss chatting with you. The girls are getting so big! They are beautiful and look like they make great companions. I hope all is well with you and your family. What is Ben up to. Hillary graduated in June and is headed to Harvard in the fall. We are excited that she will be close to home and I'll be able to take the little girls in for a visit as often as we'd like (or as often as she'll let us!). Keep in touch!


"Momma Bug" said...

Hi Eileen,

I found your blog!! I don't have many "blogging" friends, except those who are in our travel when I was "tagged" in the 6 Word Memoir game, I had to really think to come up with five friends with blogs (that hadn't already been tagged)...well, I figured you'd have a blog and I finally found it!! I am enjoying reading it! And, now, you're it!! You've been tagged...see my blog to play the game. (PS Sabrina has already been tagged!)


"Momma Bug" said...

Guess I better give you my blog address:

Gina :)