Monday, June 23, 2008

Ryan Cabrera!

Who's Ryan Cabrera anyway??? He came to our local civic celebration this past weekend called ChickenFest. :-) I had never heard of him before but apparently he is a somewhat? famous pop star. He played for an hour. He wasn't too bad.

Just a cute picture of the girls....


Becki party of 5 said...

Love the pic of the girls! They are getting so big. Allison looks so old....our babies are growing up!
Hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing you in early August?!

Anonymous said...

Love that sister picture!


Cheri said...

I found you & have now added you to bloglines! Yay!

Your girls are beautiful!!!!

Sadly, I know who Ryan is...he used to date Ashley Simpson a few yrs ago and had REALLY spikey hair...I see now it's loooong. :) [this is the problem with following pop culture, Ryan Cabrera comes back to haunt you. LOL)

Happy weekend, we are off to the drive in to see Kung Fu Panda!

3peas1pod said...

The girls are BEAUTIFUL! They have grown so fast! I like to dress my girls alike, but they are ever so subtly starting to boycott it! I will add you to my blog list as well!

Michelle said...

Don't feel bad...I had no idea who is was either. : )

The girls are adorable!!

Michelle said...

Hey Eileen!

Do you still chat with Judy(Marlee's Mom). I need her e-mail address and when I found her blog to contact her, I see she has it set to private. Can you help?