Friday, July 11, 2008

Are you happy now?

Okay, okay, lest you think I totally deprive my kids, I put water in the pool! :-)

-After sweating and struggling with the hose to fill the pool, and running in and out getting things together to go out, after about 10-15 minutes in the pool Lindsey got a little scrape, nothing major AT ALL, but she was whining and crying about it and would.not.stop. I told her either stop fussing or get out of the pool. She chose to get out. (grrr) Allison spent another 5-10 minutes then she got out. ALL THAT WORK for less than 1/2 hour of swimming! Sigh.

-FYI, Allison has an appointment for a haircut next week Tuesday so no comments about her hair in her eyes, okay? LOL

1 comment:

Becki party of 5 said...

Even after all that WORK.....the smiles say it all! Looks like they loved their pool with water! :)