Sunday, July 13, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman (and more)

WOW. Friday night was incredible. It was emotional. It was both uplifting and somber. We were at Steven Curtis Chapman's first concert since the tragic death of his daughter Maria. I feel so honored to have been there. When he came out and I saw him, I just started crying. I cried through about 3/4 of the concert.

My pictures aren't very good - it was dark and I was taking pictures of a screen, and my camera is crap, but here are a few:

We also saw Mandisa. She was really good. Even Jay really liked her. I missed half her concert though taking Lindsey to the bathroom. :-)

Then we saw a bit of Denver and the Mile High Orchestra which was great as usual but we didn't stay very long. I really needed to go to the van and freshen up and change into jeans and get all our warmer clothes for later. It was so humid yesterday, and my hair was just a fright. I have stick straight hair with no curl or body to it whatsoever, so add a little humidity and it's horrible. I just felt blech. :-(

Just a few random shots while in between concerts:

I also got to finally meet my friend Shelly Waala. We have been trying to meet up at Lifest for the last several years but something always happened to prevent it. Her little Mia is so cute and so tiny. She played a bit with Lindsey and Shelly's older daughter. It was so cute.

More on yesterday's Lifest experience in another post....(you guys were right - Casting Crowns was AWESOME!)


Becki party of 5 said...

Wow, I would have loved to be at the SCC concert. Can't wait to hear more about it. Are you up for company August 3rd? I think thats when we are headed home....We go up Sunday the 27th, but it will probably be late by the time we get to you....send me an e-mail with what you think!

Beth said...

Sounds like a great time. I would have been pretty emotional at the SCC concert too I'm sure. His ministry is so incredible. It is pretty amazing that in the midst of all his private turmoil, God has given him the strength to return to performing already. WOW!

Glad you went to Casting Crowns as well. Can't wait to hear about it.


P.S. I would never in a million years comment about hair in the eyes of a little one. You saw my last post right? We're not cutting bangs yet here. :)

Michelle said...

Eileen...I envy you! I am sure that was such a wonderful event with such amazing artists. What a blessing to be able to be part of it! I bet that most of the crowd had tears in their eyes when SCC was performing.

Oh, and I am glad to see you finally put some water in the pool for those sweet girls. LOL! Just kidding!!!

Mom of 5 said...

Hey - I loved meeting up. We have to plan it again next year. Madeline loved playing tickle with the girls. SCC was incredible. Certainly very emotional. I won't ever think of his songs the same way again. I was moved at how quiet and somber the crowd was after it was over. It was a very respectful event.

Don & Judy said...

Hi Eileen!

What a blessing to go to a SCC concert. I too would be very emotional at one of his concerts... especially now. How my heart ached hearing about their precious Maria!

It was SCC's very special song, "When Love Takes You In" that captured my heart at an adoption seminar in 2005...that God used to move us forward to adopting our sweet Marlee!

It seems forever that we've chatted. I do miss Tues night chats w/ our DTC Group.

Two days ago, Don and I spoke with our son, and he is once again being deployed to Iraq the end of this year. He's now 21...and it's still hard "letting go"!

Your girls are beautiful. It's always nice visiting your blog!

God Bless!

Sabrina said...

The girls look like they are enjoying themselves...a lot!! Miss talking to you and love your blog! Sabrina

Martha said...

After your post, I watched the youtube videos of SCC ... they will make you cry. I can't imagine how the family must be hurting and I don't know how they could sing emotional songs right now.

Casting Crowns is one of our favs ... we saw them several times here in Nashville - maybe with SCC.

Did you see Toby Mac? He is our other fav.

Sounds wonderful ... thanks for sharing the story about SCC. Wished you guys lived closer so we could see you sometime. The reunions this summer have been great.