Saturday, May 20, 2006

Half the Sky

We've been giving to Half the Sky for almost 3 years now - to their Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Program. Our sponsored baby has a nanny assigned to her, to help her grow and develop and give her love. We get an initial photo and report about our baby, and then quarterly reports and a picture after that. We are sponsoring our 4th baby! The first one was adopted, the second one went into foster care, and the third one was also recently adopted so we just received information on our newest sponsored child. She's only about 6 months old and she is quite young in the picture we just got. All 4 children are adorable! It's not quite the same as getting a referral, but it is so special to get the updates and pictures. I love it!

Half the Sky is just one of several wonderful programs helping children in China. Love Without Boundaries is another great one

It has been so rewarding knowing we are helping these children. If you are looking for a way to help, check out these wonderful organizations!

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Joannah said...

I've been doing this with HTS, too. I'm on my second baby with them, and her sweet face warms my heart!