Friday, May 12, 2006

7 months!

We've been logged in for 7 months today. A milestone - yes, but who would have thought that at this point we wouldn't have our referral yet. The worst part is that there is no end in sight. I'm trying not to be too pessimistic but who knows if we will even go to China by the end of the year.

It's cold and rainy and we're off to a field trip to a farm! We'll be wearing hats, mittens, and our winter coats! Not what I envisioned when I signed up for this field trip. Oh well, I think Lindsey will love it no matter what the weather.

Have a good day!


Joannah said...

Seven months is a big chunk of time. I know the extended wait is a huge disappointment, but each day brings you closer to your baby! (((hugs))) Joannah

Shannon said...

The moving target of a referral date is the worst. Hanging in there (barely) alongside you.


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I'm hoping your over half way there!