Friday, May 26, 2006

Getting on with it

Okay, pity party over, time to get back to life. From the start I've been committed to enjoying the journey - but sometimes it feels like there is no journey! We are just spinning in circles it seems. But we ARE moving forward, inch by inch, and I'm going to try to enjoy things again.

Here are the latest 2 bibs I've received in the October DTC group bib swap. One more month to go with that. Next month we are starting a sock swap in the September group. That will run for 4 months and should be fun, easy, and inexpensive.

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of the day we left for China to adopt Lindsey. I had a Yahoo group for our trip (will do that again for this one when it gets closer, whenever that might be!). I'm going to post the messages I sent to that group each day along with a picture or two from our trip. If I can't go on this journey yet, I might as well relive the first one. Hope you enjoy!

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