Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two years ago today...........

...........we received the referral of our beautiful daughter, Lindsey HuaWu. The call didn't come until almost 6 pm after a long day of wondering if we would get our referral that day (lots of confusion, long story). Our LID was 7/25/03 and the previous month referrals came for all of June and July....up to 7/20. So we had to wait an extra month but it was so worth it! When I got off the phone with my family coordinator I just sobbed. I couldn't believe my dream of another child had finally come true. Exactly seven weeks later we left the US for China to be united with our daughter.

Here is the referral announcement I sent to my email groups:


"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our
salvation!" Psalm 68:19

Got the call at 6 pm central time!

We are so blessed and thankful to share our referral news with you:

Chinese Name: Chun Hua Wu
Soon to be Lindsey Hua Wu!!!
Date of Birth: June 1, 2003 (10 mo. 1 week old!)
Height: 64 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Province: Guangdong
SWI: Yangchun SWI

DTC: 7/25/03
DOR: 4/8/04
ACR: 6-12 mos., AYAP
AWAA - the BEST who stayed late tonight to get us our referrals

We're not sure when those measurements were done but we think way back in
October. It was too late for our agency to email us a pic, BUT they did get the
FedEx package out and we will have pictures tomorrow morning!

Eileen, Jay, and Ben Kunstman

"The goodness of God endures continually." Psalm 52:1


The above picture was my favorite of the 4 we received. I will post the other 3 in the coming days.

It was also one year ago today that we decided to adopt again! After a hard adjustment (ours, not Lindsey's, she did great from the start) we didn't know if we could handle doing it all again. But it just took some time and then we knew we wanted one more child and wanted Lindsey to have a sister.

The sun is shining and it's a blue sky - it's a great day today!


Joannah said...

Happy anniversary! :-)

Stephanie said...

It is amazing how quickly these two years must have flown by for you. Congrats!