Thursday, April 20, 2006

She cracks me up!

Lindsey is so funny. Yesterday I was quickly cleaning up the kitchen after lunch so I could get her down for her nap (naptime = peace and quiet!). I finished up and went to get her, here is what I found....

.....she was sitting on the floor on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, with her legs out in front of her and her stuffed doggie between them, holding a wire whisk, singing Row Row Row Your Boat while pushing herself forward with her feet! "We're riding in a boat mommy! Follow us!" I wish I could have gotten it on video or at least a picture but I know by the time I got that out she would be on to something else.

This morning I was getting her out of the van at church before Bible study and she was saying something about was my favorite job taking her coat off (I had told her she could take it off and leave it in the van, it was warmer out than I thought it would be) and I asked her if it was her favorite job. Her answer: "No, my favorite job is taking care of Daddy and taking care of you and taking care of Ben."

Then when I was picking her up from the nursery afterward one of the helpers told me that Lindsey told her that her mommy and daddy are both astronauts and she wants to be one when she grows up! WHAT? LOL Then tonight she told me when she grows up she wants to be an astronaut and a snack helper.

I told you, she cracks me up!!!!


Kim said...

What an absolutely precious little girl! I love some of the things that kids come up with.

And hey, she's got some pretty high aspirations for her life! Maybe she could be a snack helper when she's not in outer space!

Paula said...

Hi Eileen. I love your stories and pictures of Lindsey. It helps me realize that I will actually have our Kendra Kate someday! And what fun it will be!