Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've been tagged.... Cindy to list 6 weird things about me so here you go. (Someone - Jacquie? - tagged me a long time ago with a much longer list of things about me, and I started it but never finished and then so much time went by that I just scrapped it - I didn't purposely ignore your tag I just couldn't seem to get it finished!)

Anyway, here's why I'm weird:

1. I've eaten Quaker Quakes, cheddar cheese flavor, for *breakfast* almost every day for oh, probably about 4 years. I LOVE them! I just never get sick of them! It could be the one and only thing I ever snacked on if I could afford it! :-) I wrote Quaker once and asked for a coupon since I spend so much money on them - they said there are plenty of coupons in Sunday papers, etc. and wouldn't give me one. Well I've never seen one anywhere, ever. Grrrr.

2. I don't like anyone to walk on the carpet right after I vacuum, I want to keep the “just vacuumed” look as long as possible. I used to be much more fanatical about this than I am now but I still do this.

3. I LOVE to watch the NFL draft (along with this I love to listen to sports talk radio, only when they're talking football though). My sister and I used to make a day of it - we made special snacks and put on our sweats and sat in front of the TV *all day* making notes, guessing who would be picked next, etc. I can't do this anymore as a certain little 2 year old wouldn't stand for it, not to mention we had to cut ESPN along with everything but basic cable to save money for the adoption so I don't get it anyway. SOMEDAY I am going to do this again, when the girls are older. This year's draft is this weekend! I am so bummed that I'm going to miss it. The Packers have the 5th pick after their horrendous season last year. (Related news flash: Brett Favre is coming back to the Packers for one more year.)

4. I love putting on a brand new pair of socks. If I had a ton of money I'd have a new pair for every day of the year.

5. When I start a new book (I love to read, mostly fiction but non-fiction too) I check to see how many pages it is, then I watch as I'm reading to see when I'm half done. Sometimes I even put a post-it note in the back of the book with the total number of pages, what page I need to be on to be halfway done, 1/3 of the way done, etc. Is this nuts?

6. I only like a certain kind of clothes hanger - those colored plastic kind. I put my jeans and other pants on the blue and purple ones and other clothes on any other color.

Hope you're not laughing too hard!

(I'm not going to tag anyone, I think probably most bloggers have already been tagged; but if you haven't and want to list 6 weird things about yourself, go ahead, I'd love to read it!)


Mom-of-5 said...

Cute tag info-thanks for the encouraging words on our blog. It was great to get your message!!

Jacquie said...

Now that's some funny stuff.

Joannah said...

I've never heard of those Quaker snack things. Every morning, huh? Wow - they must be REALLY good! :-)