Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another inch closer

Everyone in the adoption world already knows this, but this morning the CCAA's website was updated to say that they have finished reviewing September LIDs and have matched up to June 6. So they did one week's worth of LIDs this month. Woopee! I'm happy for the families included in this batch (which should get here any day now?) - for them this is HUGE news! For me, I feel like I took one tiny baby step forward in line. Better than no step I guess! But I'd like to take a giant LEAP one of these days!

I guess the good news is that even though we were already pretty sure of this, now it's confirmed that October is officially in the Review Room. Our LID is 10/12/05. I don't know of any reason why we wouldn't make it through, but one never knows these days! So I'll be happy when the CCAA website says they've finished reviewing October.

Gotta go - the No More Diapers video is done and it's naptime!


Lisa~~ said...

I'm proposing Ben & Jerry's for all waiting families. If the fat doesn't do you in, the sugar will get you so giddy, you just won't care about the wait.

Mark & Cindy said...

You've been tagged! Check out the details on my blog!