Saturday, May 24, 2008 planned and one - not so much!!!

Lindsey got her hair cut about a week ago. I've been living vicariously through her and her long hair. :-) I've always wanted long, straight hair, but that style does not look good on me at all. Her long hair was beautiful but shortly after brushing in the morning it would look stringy and the ends needed to be cut too. I thought for summer and her upcoming birthday I would get her hair cut a little bit shorter. It turned out great, she looks beautiful. :-)





Remember this from when she got her hair cut about a year ago?.....

She gave me the EXACT SAME LOOK again! That is SO Lindsey!

Allison was having fun playing with the water cooler and running around.

Now onto the unplanned hair cut - I think you can guess what I mean!!!! Background story: Allison will be transitioned to the school system for speech therapy next fall when she turns 3, but they are doing all the evaluations now before school is out for the summer. Various people from her "team" have been over to do their evals, and when the occupational therapist came out, she was actually really impressed with Allison. She didn't think she had any delays in that area. One of the things she did was have Allison try to use scissors. She did a great job! I had no idea she could use them, I know I tried with Lindsey at this age or even older and she could not work them. (Now one of Lindsey's favorite things to do is cut up old magazines and papers, etc.)

So the other day I put Allison in her high chair and gave her some paper and scissors and she was having a great time cutting up paper. She was happily doing that for over 1/2 hour! Of course when I turned my back for a bit she cut some of her hair. It wasn't a big deal, she basically only thinned it out some and you couldn't even tell really. You would think after that I would learn, right? WRONG!

Yesterday morning I put her in her high chair again with paper and scissors but this time I put her hair back in a ponytail and stayed right next to her at the computer while she cut. She was having a grand old time again. Well I got complacent and forgot and went to get their clothes ready for the day. We were going to visit daddy at work in about an hour. I came back in the kitchen to find Allison had taken her hair out of the pony tail and had cut quite a bit of hair off her left side! YIKES! This time she cut much more than last time.

The other mistake I made was giving her sharp pointed scissors. I bought each of the girls a pair of scissors at WalMart the other day and I accidentally got the sharp pointed ones instead of the blunt scissors. I think the blunt ones would have cut her hair too but maybe not so much? I don't know, but the deed is done. Just looking at her you still can't totally tell. But it sort of looks like she has a mullet! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :-) I won't be able to pull it back in any way for a long time otherwise all the short pieces will show and she'll be almost bald on that side (or "bolt" as Lindsey says for some reason instead of "bald"). She wouldn't let me get a good picture, she kept turning her head, but you can sort of see how short it is on that side:

I think it's going to be a good year before I can pull her hair back again. Sigh. I'm thinking maybe by the end of summer I can get her hair cut into a little bob or pixie style and then go from there. There's really nothing that can be done about it right now. Maybe when she's ready for another bang trim they can fix it up a bit.

Does anyone else have a good "my kid cut their hair" story? Lindsey cut her bangs once, pretty short, but they didn't take very long to grow out again.

Have a great weekend! Keep those scissors away from your toddlers! :-)


KiT said...

Yikes! Hope Allison's hair grows fast. Cute cut for Lindsey. Thanks for the PSA about toddlers and scissors. I will keep that in mind!

dogowner said...

Dora had her hair cut on Saturday as well, it was a planned event. Hope all is well, and hope to find a time to get together soon.

Martha said...

We have SO many hair cutting stories ... I can't even begin! :) Hopefully, Zoe won't cut off her hair ... if it ever grows out, that is! :)

Becki party of 5 said...

Oh Eileen, sorry - no haircutting stories (yet!), but I am laughing at Allison cutting her hair! I think like you said, as long as you don't pull it back, it won't be so noticable. And she'll look cute in a real short bob, too! :) heehee
Love the glaring picture of Lindsey, that just cracks me up!
Now stop in and say hi to your chatty girls would you?! (love ya!)

Jeff and Amy said...

Oh no, think it happens to about everyone. I know my sister cut hers and mine when we were younger but for some reason mine was alot worse, she cut my bangs almost clear up to the hair line!!!! Nothing my mom could do, guess I was too young to cry, I didn't know better, know about five years ago I had a hair dresser say, "I think your hiar would be cute like this" ended up cutting about 4 inches off and I went home and cried. LOL

Dawn said...

Awwwww!! Lindsey's expression in the salon chair is priceless!! And Miss Allison looks as adorable as ever too!!