Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Always behind

Story of my life these days - I have NEVER been SO behind on SO many things IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I just can't seem to get anything done in a timely manner these days. I have a To Do list a mile long that I can never make any kind of dent in. This is just such a new feeling for me. I was wondering the other day WHY in the world I can't keep up anymore? I realized right away that I have never had 2 little ones at the same time before! Ben was almost 13 before Lindsey came along, then we had just one little one for 2 1/2 years before Allison came home. It doesn't help that I'm homeschooling Ben in his senior year which brings a lot of work and stress, Lindsey has a difficult personality (don't let that sweet face fool you! LOL) and Allison has delays (which I don't really want to discuss here, mostly for her privacy, but she has a major speech delay as well as a few other minor things). So I have just resigned myself to feeling disorganized, my house being a mess, and some things just not getting done, for a few more years yet.

A week ago today, October 30, was our one year anniversary of Gotcha Day for Allison. We did nothing to mark the day, other than to acknowledge that it was one year since Gotcha, and I looked at the pictures from that day in China. Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures on that day in China, none of the actual Gotcha moment, because my sister mostly took video (at my request) instead of pictures. But here is one of us that day. We were so shell shocked, things felt so different than they did when we got Lindsey.

For Halloween, Allison stayed home with me (she has no clue what the day was all about) and Jay took Lindsey out trick or treating. She went as a pink leopard. I didn't get very good pictures (story of my life again) but here's one:

(I really don't care for Halloween to tell you the truth. Lindsey had a blast and it was cute having her dress up. But I absolutely hate the gross and gory decorations that people put in their yards, I don't find it funny or cute. I think it mars the beauty of the fall season. And now Lindsey has a bucket full of candy - just what she needs! - NOT! We struggle the way it is with sweets and junk food. This doesn't help! So anyway, just my thoughts on the subject, I know I'm in the minority with my feelings about Halloween!)

To be honest I get pretty discouraged at my inability to get things together. Plenty of other moms have at least 2 little ones, some many more than that, and they still seem to have things in order. Big Gotcha Day celebrations, great pictures, clean houses, eloquent blog posts, etc. Oh well, I am who I am and I have to accept that.

Thursday is our 12 month post-placement visit, and is also the one year anniversary of the day we came home from China last year. We have our court date for Allison's readoption later this month. I will make sure I get some good pictures of that at least!

So this isn't a total downer post, here are a few other misc. pictures of the girls:


Allison actually fell asleep one late morning on the kitchen floor,
Lindsey took the opportunity to pose next to her :-)

She loves to climb!

This was so cute, they were sitting there together, each looking
through piles of "stuff", so intent on what they were doing


Ma said...

You're not the only one! I do good just to get the troops fed and clothed, let alone schooled or mannered or scrapbooked. :)

Beckyb said...

Oh girl - I am right there with you!!! I can't get ANYTHING done - my husband was shocked yesterday when I had a soup ready for dinner!!!

Jackie Sue said...

Hang in there Eileen...just look at Ben and remember that they don't stay little anywhere near long enough and enjoy your babies :) Being behind is not fun though and I certainly understand the feeling. Even if I have the time to get something done I'm too tired to do it....your girls are just too cute though. So stinkin' cute!

i-Con said...

You all are looking great! I cannot believe it has been a year since Allison came home. It seem's like yesterday in so many ways.

Michelle said...

Oh, Eileen - I can completely relate to that feeling of being behind! I have no remembrance at all of what it feels like to be bored or organized.

I agree with you about Halloween. I can't believe the gross and gory things that people put on their homes and yards to decorate. Yuck!Sophie also did not dress up because she had no idea what was going on. Ella was excited though because she had heard so much talk about trick-or-treat on TV and such.

Congratulations on your one-year gotcha anniversary!! Where does time go??

Anonymous said...


I can SOOO relate! My house is worde than it has ever been and I had five young children at one time, before Jane. Ony three kids live at home, but I am constantly way behind. Everything takes triple time. With two little ones...gosh, I would be farther behind. The good news is, this time passes. The bad news is this time passes :)!