Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ladybug Craze

I have a confession to make. I don't really like the "ladybug craze" associated with China adoption. I guess at one time someone on this big adoption email list I belong to (APC) saw a ladybug while waiting for referrals and shortly after that referrals started coming in and ever since then the ladybug has been a "sign" that good things are happening in the adoption process. SOMETHING like that! I'm sure I don't have that exactly right or maybe that's completely wrong, but nevertheless people go crazy over every ladybug sighting and post their news "I saw a ladybug today! Referrals must be coming!" and everyone goes ga ga.

Please no offense to those of you who get into that! But I just don't. It's starting to get a little old. Referrals come when they come and ladybugs have nothing to do with it! I know it's all for fun so call me a party pooper if you want but those are my feelings on the subject.

"Every party has a pooper that's why we invited you! Party pooper! Party pooper!" That's me (ducking and running!).

(Edited to add: I know, I know, I have a ladybug up there on my ticker. I did choose it because of the association with China adoption. I don't mind a ladybug reference here and there. It's the crazy stuff, the constant posting of "ladybug sightings" that bug me.)


Hopeful Mommy said...

Too funny! I am having a hard time getting into all the ladybug deal myself. I think a few are cute and harmless, but I am not ready to paint the nursery red with black spots all over the wall. (no offense to anyone that might do this by the way)
In our adoption from Ukraine, the so called lucky creature was ducks! I would just about stop my car in the middle of traffic to direct a mommy duck and her babies across the road. I know it wasn't as widespread as the ladybugs with China, but wow, you should have seen me looking out for those ducks in my yard.
Thanks for the chuckle!

Eileen said...

Funny! I can just imagine people posting all over the place, I saw a duck! Referrals are coming! Somehow I don't think there would be as many duck sightings as ladybug ones!

Julie said...

Snort. I agree, people put too much emphasis on things that are right there in front of them everday.

Donna said...

Funny how we never noticed ladybugs until they started being significant. Sorta like all the pregnant women you see when you're pregnant or all of the cute asian babies and caucasian parents you see *everywhere* after you make the decision to adopt. Where were they before? :::hee hee:::

I'm a SAHM with a 17 year old and a 16 month old and we're going back for a little sister for her just as fast as we're able. Aiming for DTC next summer!

Val said...

Eileen, Eileen. Thbbppttt!! (that was my Calvin&Hobbes-esque raspberry) :o) But I know what you mean...they're everywhere anyway. And everyone goes a little nuts when they're waiting (remember the Summer of '04???).

Congratulations on your second DTC! Lindsey's going to love a sibling! We're still talking about the if/when of #5...we'll see. The WC lists really pull at my heart, especially after I met the kids in our TG who had been on those lists.