Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!

My oldest child is now an ADULT! Yes Ben turns 18 today! I.can'

We had a combined birthday and graduation party for him last Saturday.

We had a wonderful time and Ben raked in the cash. :-)

See the flowers on the cake on the graduation side?

Here's what happens when you eat one:

Nice, huh? :-)

I homeschooled Ben for 11 years - from 2nd grade through high school. Now that he is graduated, he is taking a year off to work full time, save some money, and get his private pilot's license. Not sure where he's going to go from there - possibly go to the community college next year and go into finance. He has wanted to be a pilot since we went to China for Lindsey (4 years ago!). That is still his goal, but whether as a commercial pilot, private, or just flying for fun while pursuing another career, he is undecided at this point. He has certainly done, and continues to do, his homework regarding the aviation field. He had been accepted into an aviation program at a local technical college, but decided the loans would just be too large and he's going to try to pay for college as he goes as much as he can. We are helping him out the best we can but we're not made of money - wish we were! He has been great about saving money and watching his spending. I'm very proud of him. Now if I can just get him out of bed!!!!! :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!!! I love you very much!

P.S. Have you ever played Blongo Ball? One of my sisters brought it to Ben's party, and my sister Ginny and I got totally hooked on it! I'm not very, ahem, coordinated and athletic, so I wasn't sure if I could even hit the target or even come close, but I did fine! It's so fun!


Carrie said...

You are an inspiration that I can homeschool the boys through high school! Congrats to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ben on the Big 1-8. Looking at that gift bag, I know who to call when I need a loan.
Hope all is well in Appleton, and that we can find a time to see each other soon.

Jeff and Amy said...

I just love those cakes that turn your teeth colors makes for a fun party!! LOL Aren't we too young to have kids that old?? LOL mine are 17 and 20!!!