Thursday, April 03, 2008

But mom....

....I don't WANT to stop painting!!!!!!!!!

"It's okay Allison. We can paint again tomorrow."

She obviously doesn't quite know what painting is all about yet!

I am going to be taking a hiatus soon - maybe temporarily but maybe permanently. I haven't decided yet. Life is so busy and I am always trying to cut down my computer time. As soon as I get a chance to type up a goodbye post, I will do that. Might be awhile before that happens though! I just can't seem to get myself to sit down and write anything anymore. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog the last few months. I haven't gotten back to everyone and I'm sorry about that. I plan to one of these days! Happy Spring! We are finally in the 50's, yea!


PIPO said...

Adorable...and hopefully tasty for her too ;0)

Amy in Oregon said...

I will miss your blog!!!

DiJo said...

I found your blog again via Alyson (3P's) today who sent me a note on my blog. So fun to see updated photos of your girls! They are beautiful!!!! I understand the need to break away from blogging. It is hard to find the time with two young kiddos at home! We have been home with Ruby Mei almost a year already!!! She is doing great!! Blessings to you!
-Diana (Oct LID and AWAA!)

Beth said...

I'll miss checking in with you but certainly understand the need to cut back on a few things. Hope is our only child and she keeps us running! If you're ever up in the west central part of the state please look us up and please keep in touch if you can. We'll keep thinking of you.

Beth (& Hope)

dogowner said...

We hope all is well. We will keep checking just in case.

Julie, Phil and Dora