Monday, September 03, 2007


I wasn't born with the "female shoe gene" - I'm really not that into shoes (or clothes or shopping for that matter, GASP!). BUT, Allison LOVES shoes, other people's shoes mainly. Here she is with a pair of Lindsey's shoes on (and a pair of winter tights on her head!!!):

(Ack, please don't look at how dirty the carpet is! It's pretty bad, but what can I say with 2 little ones in the house? Jay will be getting out the Rug Doctor soon!)

Sorry I'm not much for updating lately. I think I only have a small handful of readers anyway. (If you visit my blog, please comment and let me know you were here! I would really appreciate it.) I have been spending a ton of time with my new knitting hobby - doing my knitting blog, participating in knitting email groups and one "real life" group, reading knitting books, listening to knitting podcasts, and of course actually knitting. I'm not obsessed, no not me.

Come visit me at my knitting blog!


Stretch Mark Mama said...

I'm here, and I think your carpet looks great!

C.J. said...

I'm loving the 'tights on the head' look. She could start a new trend!

Magi said...

I'm still here, too. Between Sera, the dog, the years we had our niece living here, and the fact that Jim is a big kid who still drinks, and spills, red kool-aid, I've given up on my carpet. When Sera is a little older, I'm going to pull it all up and put down wood floors. It's kind of freeing to no longer care if the spill stains badly.

Jackie Sue said...

No, you aren't obsessed teehee! Glad to see that you've found another hobby. No knitting for me, but I can sure appreciate your hunger to learn all you can. Enjoy! Allison is too cute!!! Still visiting your blog whenever you post something new :)

Anonymous said...

I'm here too.
Just letting you know that I love your blog and I have been visiting it for a while now.
I think that it is great.
Just thought that I would let you know that I am from a country town in South Australia, so Cheers from the Land Down Under.

Lynne said...

Your little girls are absolutely adorable! Keep up with the knitting - it's really a fun thing to do.

Stephanie said...

I know, knitting is addictive!

Robert & Linda said...

Hi Eileen.

I'm still checking your blog and loving the updates on your family.

Mommy to Bruce
Oct 2005 DTC and Sept 2005 DTC Groups
LID 10/7/05

Beth said...

Hey - I'm still here, too. Go Pack Go!

BTW - LOVE the tights on the head! Are we the first to witness a new fashion trend?


Dorothy said...

Hi Kunstman Family!
I check out your website every chance I get (which is not as often as I'd like these days!). We were in your original travel group and you are such a big part of our journey even though we didn't actually travel together to get our daughters. Love reading your blog....keep it up!

Kate said...

Hi Eileen
I've been following your blog for a while.
I'm an Autumn Dreamer too and remember you going to SN route for Allison, not knowing at the time that I would be referred a Yunnan beauty too!
I'm in Wales and have been home with Alice for nearly 2 months, my blog is:
I should also say how sorry I was to read about your Mum. My Mum's death was the final thing that spurred me into my journey to adopting Alice.
With love,

Jessie's parents said...

Hi Eileen!
I still check your blog! I love seeing photos of your beautiful girls. Jessie is obsessed with shoes too!! She will ask other people to take off their shoes and give them to her in public. It is really funny. Enjoy your knitting!

Amy W. said...

Hi Eileen,
I check out how you are doing often. The girls are adorable, and i watched for packers scores this weeking. go packers!! have to root for them when the rams do bad.
-Amy and family