Monday, September 10, 2007

Just pics again

I wish I was witty or interesting or had time to tell great stories about my girls :-) but once again you just get some pics:


Outside about 2 weeks ago:

Riding her bike in her dress up clothes and butterfly wings!

Allison got her second haircut on Saturday


Mom of 5 said...

Great pictures !!
LOVE the packer onsie.

Courtney Mei & her Guinness said...

Love the pics of your sweeties!! It's been awhile since I've checked out your blog, and I can't believe how much they have grown!!

And I am also basking in the glow of the Packers' victory!!


Jackie Sue said...

so so cute! Pictures are nicer than updated blogs anyway :) it is fun to keep up with you and yours...wish it was easier to find time to actually chat. things here are good. I think we are getting into a routine and I'm loving having the little girls around to be with all day long. I'm not into preschool either, although Davie now is writing and wants to sit and ask me how to spell stuff all day long so she can write down words...qualifies as homeschooling, don't cha think? ;)

i-Con said...

I LOVE the pics...the snoozing one is adorable. THAT s complete comfort!

Beckyb said...

WAY too much cuteness!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen!!

Michelle from the Sept. DTC group here. I was thinking about you the other day and was just able to find your blog. I hope you are all well! The girls are so beautiful and look how much Allison's hair has grown since the last time I saw pictures! We just recently returned home from China with Ella's newest sister!

Michelle W.

jennifer said...

When they're that cute, who needs words? Thanks for sharing them, they are both adorable.

Kim said...

Your girls just keep getting more beautiful!

Stacey (Laney's mommy) said...

Your kids are sooo cute!! As I was noticing the sweet kidlets I was sidetracked by the beautiful green grass! Wow! I'm jealous...ours is sort of camouflage colors from the lack of rain here in NC. Hope to see you next month!

Kathy said...

Eileen the girls are SO cute!!!
I was starting to miss the dog sneeking into the pics. Sure enough there he is with Lindsey while she is mountain climbing. LOL
Wow Allison is on haircut #2. Jaden will be 2&1/2 Oct.2 and I don't think she will need a haircut for at least a year. She loves when I make her little tiny ponytail and put a bow in it. She is so girly. Of course after 3 boys mom loves it:)
God Bless, Kathy

hausfrau said...

You don't need to post when your photos are this cute, they speak for themselves!

Shannon said...


Don & Judy said...

Hi Eileen!

Love the pic of your girls in pink! They are so adorable!

That sounds like fun, learning to knit. My sister just made a sweater for Marlee. Wish us girls could get together, and take classes together! That would be fun.

Hope you had a wonderful summer!

God Bless!
Judy in KC