Saturday, August 26, 2006

Goodbye LID Ticker!

I left my "days since our LID" ticker up there for awhile, for some reason couldn't let it go. Dumb, because it no longer matters how long it's been since we have our referral for our precious Allison. I'm moving on! :-) (Had you noticed our Allison's birthday is only one day before our LID?)

I'm not crazy about the white backgrounds on the birthday tickers but it's the only way the text will show up.

That's my exciting entry for the day! 8 days down, ? to go!!!


Connie said...

I think the tickers are marvey! It's great to see both your little girl's names up there!

Tricia said...

Hey Eileen!

Congrats again on your referral! We are so excited for you. Although, I thought the hardest days were those after we had our little girl's photo! We waited for 88 days for our TA -- I know that sounds terrible to you right now. We were expecting to wait around 60 days, so those last 28 days were not very fun around here. ;-)

Jane said...

Hi there, just back from holidays and read your blog - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You must be thrilled, excited to follow your story and to see pictures of course!!! So happy for your family.