Saturday, January 21, 2006

What to do???

Besides the fact that it was a very crazy week and I haven't had much time to do anything with this blog, also I have had so many nice comments here and other places that you have enjoyed my blog and pictures of Lindsey, etc. So I'm feeling reluctant to delete my blog - it's just so final! I also like looking at my ticker every few days and seeing the time pass from LID. So I may just think about it some more.

My crazy week - Monday night we had our 17 year old Burmese cat put to sleep. Sniff sniff. Tuesday night I went to see my niece in her junior high school play, Cinderella. She had the lead, what a beautiful voice she has. Wednesday we had an appraiser come over so I spent the day cleaning up the house. After she left we went grocery shopping. Thursday morning at 6:30 am I spoke to an infertility group at my church about our adoption experience. Afterwards I came home, got Lindsey dressed, and went right back to church for women's Bible study. Thursday night was my once-a-month book club. Yesterday was spent getting things ready for my son Ben who left this morning for North Carolina to visit some friends (fellow travelers for our first adoption). Whew! He's flying by himself but he's quite confident so I'm sure he's doing fine. He's actually delayed in Detroit right now though, just 15 minutes so he'll be okay. He won't be home until Thursday afternoon! I'm going to miss him but hey he's a teenager and gone a lot these days anyway. :-) I'm going to my neighbors for a playdate in 1/2 hour. She has 2 little girls from China, 4 & 2, and is LID 8/30 for their third!

Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I'm still here, for now anyway. Have a great weekend!


CindyB said...

hey! I was hoping you would change your mind! I love hearing about your sweet little girl...makes the waiting easier to see that this does end with something wonderful

Anonymous said...


Please don't delete your blog. You are an inspiration to those of us who are waiting for the first time. Glad to here your speach went well. I love pictures of Lindsey. Don't let a few bad people ruin it for you. I can talk more to you about security later my husband does computers for a living.

Caroline :)
Hope we meet in China or maybe one day I will be down your way.

Krista said...

I'm glad your staying around a bit longer. I love seeing the pics of Lindsey, it helps me to see there is an end to this wait. I'm hoping we'll be traveling together soon!

Take care,