Thursday, December 15, 2005

O Christmas Tree

We finally put up our tree last night. We have an artificial tree that we've had for close to 15 years I think. We keep the lights on and put the whole thing downstairs when Christmas is over. We don't care to have it up forever and ever so we usually put it up about 2 weeks before Christmas and take it down on New Year's Day.

Anyway, Lindsey had a great time putting ornaments on. She went back and forth, back and forth, from the box of ornaments to the tree. The bottom of the tree is loaded with ornaments where she put all hers. We have some rearranging to do when she's not looking. :-)

My favorite ornament is one I made in kindergarten, 36 years ago. We traced our hands on red felt, cut them out, and decorated them with glitter and shiny things (not sure what they're called!). I remember trying to cut the felt with the safety scissors, not easy for a tiny little 5 year old! I wrote my name on the back. It's my prized possession and the first ornament I put up every year.


Kristin said...

c'mon eileen... i did the bloody nose... surely you have some sort of child vomit photo floating around! :-)

what a cutie cakes!

Jacquie said...

Your little girl is so cute!