Sunday, January 06, 2008

Haircut #3

The girls got their hair cut on Thursday, the third time for Allison. You can see here that it was quite needed:

But the "after" is oh so cute:

Lindsey's cut is less dramatic. She just got a bang and ends trim. Jay has been bugging me to cut her hair shorter. I agree she would look adorable with shoulder length hair. If she agrees to it, I will have it cut that way in the spring. Sounds like a good summer haircut dontcha think? The stylist braided Lindsey's hair so it's hard to tell what the cut looks like, but here she is:

Here's what her hair looked like after the braid came out:

And just a cute/silly pic of the girls in their jammies:


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!!! We are still waiting for Jaden to have enough hair for her first haircut.:)

Lydia said...


Thanks for being so faithful so put update pictures for us to see. Your girls are adorable! Our group of girls have started turning two! Anna Claire will be 2 in March. Always love to hear from you!!

Lydia H.

Much Ado said...

Love these cute pics of your precious girls!

Martha said...

Like Kathy, we are still waiting for the "first haircut" pics. I'm not sure at what point you take someone in to get their "wispy baby hair" haircut ... still seems a little futile! :)

The girls are so cute. Lindsey has an unbelievable head of hair. She could donate to "Locks of Love" like I did last year ... that might be something fun for her if you're trying to get her interested in cutting it short.

Enjoyed the pics!
Martha (and Zoe)

Jackie Sue said...

Eileen, I'm all caught up on your blog as of today :) Your girls are just too cute! Glad to know that you are all well. Loved your Christmas pictures too. I have no idea if we will ever get to chat again, but it sure would be fun. God Bless!