Saturday, July 07, 2007

1st Haircut

Allison got her first haircut** today!!! She did so good, just sat nice while he cut her hair. I took her to the same place Lindsey went back in January.

Some before pics:


And after:

Playing when she was done:

The back:

(See the DOG in the pic! Remember I told you he manages to get himself into so many pictures! Silly boy!)

Remember THIS look from Lindsey when she got her hair cut?

Well, Allison decided she could do that too! :-)

(Actually Lindsey's was a real scowl, Allison was just looking down and happened to make that face, she didn't mean anything by it.)

And how she's changed! Here are a few more pictures of her in China (this was 8 months ago):

**Unless you count this:

See how her hair looks blunt cut across the top - we wonder if her hair was in her eyes and her foster mother or nanny just cut it straight across the top. Or it wasn't cut, but just looked like it. So I will consider today's haircut her first.


Stephanie said...

I just love all the pictures!!

Jackie Sue said...

Eileen, First of all, I'm soooo sorry to hear about your mom. Really really sorry. Your girls look adorable. Love Allisons haircut. Enjoy your summer...enjoy your mom. I will pray for you all.

C.J. said...

Those haircut faces are priceless.

I can't believe how she has grown. The time is going far too quickly in that sense.

jennifer said...

I can't believe how much she's grown in 8 months! That's amazing. I think someone must have cut her bangs like that. That is too funny.

Hopeful Mommy said...

Your girls are just beautiful! I love the hair cut pictures. They are just precious.

I also have a dog that seems to get into every photo. It drives me nuts because he seems to want to put his rear facing the camera. Uggh!

Nesting For Natalie said...

I remember the pictures of your baby girl. I remember when we all waited on our darlings! How she has grown!


Russ & Becki Carlson said...

Eileen, you have been in my thoughts (and prayers) so much lately.
I couldn't believe it when I saw the pics of Allison, WOW, she is getting to be such a big girl. Adorable!!!
Love and prayers,

Headmeister said...

Hi! Found you over at Journey to Ms. Hannah, and I just HAD to tell you that your children are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the shots taken during the

Be well,

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Hi, My mom knew you on the AWAA Waiting Children yahoo group.
What sweet pictures of Allison! I love the new haircut! And those pigtails are so precious on her!! Too cute! :)