Thursday, May 10, 2007

That dog!

As I mentioned in a post once before, my dog gets himself into so many of my photos it isn't even funny! I love him to death though. HE'S THE BEST DOG EVER. I like this pic of Allison. See Chester in there too? He's looking longingly outside. We have had some really nice weather lately!


Russ & Becki Carlson said...

Eileen, I can't believe how much Allison has changed. She was always adorable, but wow, she is beautiful!!
Hope to SEE you soon!

Mom of 5 said...

Very cute picture. We have been living outside-I love the weather too !

Ava Baby said...

Hi Eileen,
Happy Mother's Day! I've enjoyed sharing your journey with you as well. I remember looking at pictures of your beautiful Lindsey when I first started in the program and her darling face inspired me when there wasn't much out there to feel good about.
Have a great weekend. Both your daughters are gorgeous!

Kim said...

Allison and Chester are both adorable and deserve to be in every photo possible!

I can't believe how quickly Allison seems to be changing...she's growing so quickly it seems!

Lindsey said...

Allison looks SO big in that picture, she is beautiful!

Jane said...

Great picture of Allison, wow she looks really grown up in this picture!