Sunday, April 01, 2007


This was actually the week before last. Allison and I were both sick that whole week. Can you tell she wasn't feeling good in these pictures? :-)

We're both feeling much better, but now it's Lindsey's turn. :-( She has a runny nose, a bad cough, and a fever. This is worrisome because a little over a year ago she started out like this and it turned into pneumonia. I read you are more susceptible to it once you have it. But when she had it she was also VERY listless and breathing fast, and she's not like that this time. But a call to the doctor might be in order tomorrow. Feel better Lindsey!


C.J. said...

Awww! Wishing you ALL good health...and fast.

Beckyb said...

I am SO sorry - AND I totally understand - Chloe has the same mess right now - she is a BEAR!! Is there "light" at the end of our tunnels?!?!?! Hope you all are feeling better soon!!

Kim said...

I'm so sorry you all have been know I can sympathize!

I hope Lindsey feels better PDQ!

Colleen said...

Hope everyone feels better!!

Thanks for your comment, I came here saw the pics...and remember why I am waiting. Beautiful girls. Just precious.

Dawn, Brian & Guinness said...

I'm so sorry that the girls are sick!!!!! Poor sweeties!!!!!

And Happy 4 Years since your application date to Lindsey too!! What a milestone!!

Thank you for your kind words!! We just adore our Courtney Mei already!!

Courtney and Allison's B.D.'s are only 2 weeks apart!!! In fact Courtney was born just 3 days after our LID, can you believe it???

Great to hear from you!!!!!

take care!!!

Erin said...

Thank you for stopping by blog and leaving such a kind message. With think our little Haiyun is just amazing and we can't wait to bring her home.

Wow, your girls are just amazing. It seems like you just brought Allison home a couple of weeks age. She's a beauty :-)

I hope everyone is feeling better. It's no fun at all the way viruses love to travel throughout the family.