Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Many Faces of Allison

Allison is the Queen of faces! She has so many different ones, she just cracks me up so often.


Beckyb said...

She is just a doll - what great faces!!

Russ & Becki Carlson said...

Love all the pics Eileen! Hope we can get these girls together someday.

Stephanie said...

Great pictures - your little one is sooo cute! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, you know how life is. I didn't know that you had a book blog. I do too - stop by some time!

jennifer said...

Your girls are precious. I got your address from the AWAA group. We are still in the paper chase phase, so we have quite a ways to go. I saw the links you had up listing the families currently in China, and loved watching their journeys!
Jennifer Doughty
Denham Springs, LA

Alyson & Ford said...

She is perfect!! So wonderful seeing the children doing so well. Someday it will be our turn...


Debbie said...

Gotta love the one in the red and white big **grin**

Nice to see Allison's little face.

Life is somewhat getting into a routine around here. It is definitly a busier house now!!