Saturday, December 30, 2006

I got it!

I've been driving myself crazy trying to come up with a name for my new book blog. I asked for creative ideas (and got a few, thanks!) then I realized that if it's too catchy/creative, then it doesn't feel like "me". So I was almost all set just to call it "Eileen's Book Blog". LOL

Then I started thinking about how I want to get back into crocheting again. I've done some here and there since we brought Lindsey home, including making her and Allison afghans, finishing the afghan I started for myself years ago, and a few other small projects. I doubt I'll be able to crochet every day or even every week but I want to get back into it.

So I thought why not combine the two interests - reading and crocheting. Then I can talk about what I'm crocheting as well as reading. I was making lunch today and a name came to me.....

.....Books and Hooks! It may sound dumb but I like it. So I created the blog, don't bother going there yet though because I'm still working on setting it up.

Gotta run, I'm off to the library! :-)


Connie said...

I think it is a great name! Sounds like you have some fun in store :0)

Beckyb said...

I love it - that's perfect!! Can't wait for you to get started!!

Magi said...

Very cute name. I couldn't think of a thing for you.